Our Team

Luis Merino: President

William Machin: Vice President
Stephen Merino: Project Manager/Estimator.
Illeana Abay: Office Manager
Amanda Garcia: Assistant to Office Manager.

Juan Machin: Founder. From 1974 until 1998 Juan Machin was the soul of what was then Dade Block Inc. He has since retired and still enjoys seeing the great work we continue to put out.

Gerardo Merino: Co-Founder. Gerardo was a Mason and Superintendent from 1974 until 1998 when he retired from masonry to become the Secretary of Dade Builders Contractors.

Luis Merino attended Miami Dade College and Florida Atlantic University studying Architecture & Design. He later joined his father Gerardo Merino as a Mason. Luis quickly rose through the ranks to become President of what is now Dade Builders Contractors. In 1998 Luis achieved his long time goal of becoming a certified general contractor. Luis brings with him over 30 years in the construction business in South Florida.

William Machin graduated from Monsignor Pace high school and went on to study for a few years at Miami Dade College. After attending college William joined then owner and his father Juan Machin in the business. William, like Luis, rose through the ranks to become Vice President.William brings with him over 20 years of experience within the construction field in South Florida

Stephen Merino graduated from American Senior High in 2005. Then attended and graduated from Broward College with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and from Saint Thomas University with a Bachelors Degree in Education of Social Sciences in 2011. Stephen is now our leading project manager and head estimator.

Together Luis and Willam have over 50 years of experience that have helped make us a big player in the masonry division of construction. Dade Builders has also been promoting their General Contractors Division with projects such as 16 unit Havana 1, 66 Unit Diamond Tower, 4 Doctors Medical Centers, and soon to begin a 36 unit apartment building called Mano Apartments in Miami.